How to Retrieve and Upload Your Medical Records for Surrogacy

How do I request my Medical/OBGYN Records and send it to Patriot Conceptions?

Summary: Use the "Medical Record" page and follow the steps to retrieve your Medical/OBGYN Records and upload them

Use the "Medical Record" page and follow the steps to retrieve your Medical/OBGYN Records and upload them

You can easily retrieve all the Medical Records of your previous pregnancies through the "Medical Records" tab.

Step 1: Go to the "Medical Records" tab.

Press the "Medical Records" button in the "Menu Bar"
Step 2 (mobile only): select the facility that you want to retrieve Medical Record from

If you're using the Portal on your phone, select one of your facilities at the top of the "Medical Records Dashboard", and press "Continue" at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Verify that the information of the facility is correct.

Double check the information of the facility. If you need to make some changes, click "Edit" to go to the "Health Record Release" form and update the facility information, then return to the Medical. If the information is correct, press "All Correct!" to continue to the next step.

Step 4: Contact the facility to find out how to retrieve your Medical Record from that facility.

There are several different ways for you to retrieve your Medical Record from a facility, depending on the facility's policy.

1. Your medical record is directly obtainable in person, or online, and does require a request document. This is the ideal situation. Simply retrieve the Medical Record yourself and press the "Upload Record" button to go to the "Upload Record" step.
2. A "Medical Records Request document" is needed to obtain your Medical Record. If this is the case, press the "Generate Request" at the "Check Request Method" step to continue to the "Generate Request" step. 

Step 5 (if a request document is needed): Generate the request document to send to the facility. 

On the "Generate Request" step, press the "Generate Request" button at the "Generate Request" step to generate the required "Medical Records Request document". Wait till the document is generated and then press the "Send it out" button.

Step 6 (if a request document is needed): Send the generated "Medical Record Request document" to the facility.

It is preferred that you email the "Medical Records Request document" to the facility, if they accept email requests. If they only accept a faxed "Medical Record Request document", press the "Fax" button to fax the "Medical Record Request document" to the facility.

Step 7: Once you've retrieved your Medical Record from one of your facilities, upload it in the "Upload Record" step.

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